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Hi, I Am Joanne Routhier

Intuitive Guide with Horses

 I am truly blessed to facilitate our programs alongside our beautiful horses. Within my life I have experienced the deep connection and healing that is possible with these magnificent four-legged beings. I have also been witness to others’ healing and the power it releases within them. Having the opportunity to share the transformative nature of horses with you fulfills my life’s purpose and calling. Join me to experience more out of YOUR life! 

How We Can
Work Together


Through my life experience and training I know first-hand the power of a horse’s presence. Their sensitivity and innate wisdom allows them to pick up the subtleties of your body language, the energy of your emotions and the intentions you are putting out into the world. With their help you can release what’s holding you back and find your courage to move forward. 


And the amazing part is you do not have to be a ‘horse’ person or understand their transformative nature to benefit from being with them.


In our programs, the horse plays a leading role in guiding transformational journeys of healing, personal growth and spiritual connection. Through these one-to-one interactions you can reconnect with your potential for living an authentic life… a life that feels fulfilling and light-hearted. 


Individual Sessions of Discovery

Work with Joanne and share a space with horse wisdom and her expertise to reveal and heal what is needed in your life – end the struggle.

Sunday Soul Sircle

Joanne shares weekly candid photos and thoughts to provide you with a moment to reflect and gather your energy and connection within.
Heart Whispers

Discover how faith and whispers carried me through the agonizing pain of losing my son, Jesse. In this heartfelt memoir, I delve into the realm of God, Spirit, Angels, and prayer-the pillars that upheld my spirit during those challenging months of a mother’s grief. It serves as my spiritual lifeline, providing solace and strength.

Heart Whispers: A Mother's Unfiltered Words of Grief by Joanne Moïse-Routhier


“I went (to Joanne’s session) without any expectations. I heard before that horses can help people either in distress or some other issues but I was sceptical. I know animals can be sensitive or can catch our energies and since I knew nothing about horse, I just let myself go to the new experience with curiosity and an open-minded spirit.

I was guided to meet every horse (4 in total) and I let that physical contact be an invitation to open the emotions that surfaced in every encounter with the horses. It was like every horse was catching every single emotion I was experiencing, emotions that I was and wasn’t aware of. All of the horses felt them, all felt my sadness, loneliness and anger. There was no judgement whatsoever and that’s why I felt safe. My vulnerability encountered the horses and I felt a powerful connection and sensation of freedom but also free of all those stuck emotions that I was keeping and suppressing. The horse helped me release, helped me to shift, helped me to keep my inner energy flowing.”

– Diana – Ottawa, ON

“My experience with Joanne and the horses can be simply described as life-changing. I felt a shift of energy driving up the driveway. Stress seemed to melt away and the beautiful energy of the farm. It’s magical. I didn’t know what to expect my first time at the barn with Joanne and the team of horses, and that was the best attitude I could have taken. I felt able to share my vulnerability and talk through a few areas in my life which I knew were playing on my heart. Joanne has an inner strength about her, a deep connection with the horses that is indescribable. I felt safe and cared for throughout. By the end of the first session, I felt more at peace, lighter, and incredibly strong as it became clear through the session the exact actions I needed to take in my life and to be co-creative in my future success. I’m grateful for the experience and the continued sessions and I feel like I have a second home and family.”

– Christie – Ottawa, ON

“This is a testimonial to Joanne Routhier and her ability to connect with “Oreo”.  Oreo is an 8 years old Paint gelding that was difficult to deal with as a younger horse.  He was quite head shy, difficult to approach and working with him was, at times, a trying affair.  Riding Oreo was only a thought in the early years since he refused to train and shunned the saddle at every turn.

Joanne took Oreo on as a project of her own to try and turn him around from his untrusting state to help him be more trusting and relaxed.  She worked hard and diligently with Oreo multiple times each day to gain confidence in herself as well as Oreo.  There were times I personally had questions about Oreo becoming a trustworthy companion but Joanne persevered and with her training and never give up attitude, she eventually came out ahead.  It was a lengthy process but Joanne’s patience won over Oreo’s behaviour.

I had returned on numerous occasions to witness the change in behaviour that Joanne had fully elicited from Oreo and it was an experience that I never will forget. The change in Oreo from an untrustworthy, shy and potentially dangerous horse, into a well mannered Loving companion, was remarkable.

I was witness to a horse that is now fully trained, independent and calm, both alone and with a rider.  He is now approachable in the field and curious to meet someone at the fence.  This change can only be attributed to Joanne’s hand on approach and patient demeanour to break through Oreo’s difficulties and help him to get rid of his conditions.

Well done Joanne, you have shown great horsemanship to achieve the results seen in Oreo.”

– Dr. Glen Collard – Veterinarian

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a human.”

– Winston Churchill


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Joanne Routhier is based outside of Alexandria, ON. Visits are by appointment only, please fill out the contact form below for further booking information – thank you! 

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