About Joanne 

My Story

I was raised on a farm from the age of four and even at a young age I felt deeply connected to the openness, Mother Nature and of course animals. I didn’t start off then with a horse of my own, but through my Uncle Maurice’s insistence, “She needs a horse,” I received one shortly thereafter.  

It wasn’t until later in my life that I learned just how majestic horses really are. This pulled me into a journey to understand them more, which led me to taking an Equine Assisted Learning Certification course. In addition to that I began reading voraciously, going to horse barns, clinics and taking my own horse to clinics as well.  I wanted to deeply understand how horses created this feeling of aliveness and joy within me, just by being around them.  

At the same time, when I started asking myself deeper questions about the direction for my career and life, I kept being pulled to work with horses. I felt I needed to develop the inner gifts of spiritual connection I already possessed. In my heart I knew I was born to be of service, to help people – but I didn’t know what that looked like. During my own life I had experienced my own share of pain, grief and loss of self to a point of feeling my spirit was broken. With the help and love of a special person I found my way back to me.   

So this is a little about my background and my WHY for what I am offering.  

What I know to be true is – horses are one of the greatest learning and healing partners you can be guided by. And in partnership with them, I am committed to helping my clients find their way back to their true selves, healing their spirits and finding their joy. 


Joanne’s Credentials and Training   

  • Equine Assisted Soul Practitioner
  • Equine Assisted Personal Development Coach
  • Photographer (Intuitive and Inspired)
  • Animal Communicator
  • Reiki Practitioner
  • Intuitive Guided Healer and Empathic Communicator

I look forward to working with you!