Heart Whispers
Joanne Moïse-Routhier


Discover how faith and whispers carried me through the agonizing pain of losing my son, Jesse. In this heartfelt memoir, I delve into the realm of God, Spirit, Angels, and prayer-the pillars that upheld my spirit during those challenging months of a mother’s grief. It serves as my spiritual lifeline, providing solace and strength.

Heart Whispers: A Mother's Unfiltered Words of Grief by Joanne Moïse-Routhier

From the back cover

Joanne RouthierDiscover how faith and whispers carried Joanne Moïse-Routhier through the agonizing pain of losing her son, Jesse. In this heartfelt memoir, Joanne delves into the realm of God, Spirit, Angels, and prayer—the pillars that upheld her spirit during those challenging months of a mother’s grief. It serves as her spiritual lifeline, providing solace and strength.

Witness the transformation that unfolds within your heart and soul as you navigate the profound depths of pain. This book, guided by a higher power and profound wisdom, speaks directly to your anguish, offering daily steps to honour your Loved One who now resides on the other side. Find peace and solace within its pages.

Experience this journey’s profound impact on me—a transformative force that rekindled my relationship with my daughter, Chantale. Through her own healing process, she shares how Jesse, her brother’s presence saved her from the clutches of drug addiction. Together, we discovered that losing a loved one is not the end but rather the beginning of a new life, both on earth and beyond.

Allow this book to walk alongside you, hand in hand, as you uncover your personal strength within the transformative power of grief. Find solace in the whispers that speak to your heart, providing meaning and guidance uniquely tailored to your journey. It has done so for me, and will do the same for you.

From the depths of grief’s grasp, I emerged from the floor and embraced the sunlight, embarking on a purposeful path of changing lives as a Horse Facilitated Grief Educator Specialist. This book showcases my journey from despair to healing, illuminating the miracles that await in this uncharted territory.

I am keenly aware of Jesse’s continued presence—a direct line to me on this new road where no steps have tread before. It is here, in this space of healing, that miracles unfold. Join me on this extraordinary journey, where love, faith, and whispers intertwine to guide us through the unimaginable.

With heartfelt gratitude.

About the author

Joanne Moïse-Routhier

In the wake of the devastating loss of her son Jesse, a remarkable spiritual thought leader emerges ready to profoundly impact the world. Meet the compassionate soul behind Horses Healing Hearts, a herd of four majestic beings dedicated to specializing in grief healing.

But why grief, you may wonder? It was a question that echoed in the heart of Joanne Moïse-Routhier, a courageous mother who tragically lost her beloved son, Jesse, in August 2022. Through the depths of despair, she discovered a profound connection to Spirit and Mother Earth, a transformative journey that unveiled an epiphany from the heavens above.

With a passion for photography, Joanne captures the exquisite beauty granted upon us by the Creator.

From a tender age, she possessed an innate attunement to the world’s energies, sensing things beyond her understanding. This led her down a path of curiosity, forging an unbreakable bond with the magic and power woven into every being.

Years of experiences, education, and knowledge beyond the realm of the five senses have bestowed upon her a pearl of wisdom and heightened perception she never dreamt possible.

Certified by the esteemed Grief Specialist, David Kessler, and her expertise in Equine Assisted Learning (EAL Canada) has empowered countless clients, proving that hope is attainable, and change is the key to transforming their lives.

In addition to her mastery in grief healing, she holds certifications as an Energy Healer, Reiki Practitioner, SMART Recovery Facilitator and is now a professional speaker.

As a frequent guest on the acclaimed Robust Lifestyles Podcast (Divas That Care Network), she has touched the lives of many. Now, she embraces a new role as a budding author, poised to deliver profound insights to those navigating the treacherous terrain of grief.

To embark on such a journey requires immense courage, resilience, faith and trust in God, and a fire within that transcends the pain of grief. This book is a testament to the indomitable human spirit, a beacon of hope and transformation. Within its pages, the reader will discover the “Golden Nugget”—a profound purpose and meaning that resides deep within our hearts.

As grief and Love intertwine a powerful change awaits, one that honours the cherished memories of our loved ones and illuminates a path to healing.

As you delve into this poignant and life-altering book, prepare to be inspired, moved, and forever changed.

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