OUR MISSION – To provide quality food and ingredients to nourish your family, support a sustainable lifestyle and give you peace of mind about where and how your food is produced and grown. 

Our Specialty

Frost & Wood Farm is proud to raise Speckle Park Beef cattle – a unique breed of cattle that is known as a balanced breed with a color bonus. Genetically they are a combination of Teeswater Shorthorn, Aberdeen Angus and English cattle with the white park pattern. This breed is quiet, adapts to hot and cold weather, calves easily and has the best marbling in beef around.

At Frost & Wood Farm the Speckle Park cattle are solely grass-fed from start to finish, receive no hormones or antibiotics – and live simply off the land over the span of their lives.

Frost & Wood is pleased to offer ¼ beef for sale during the summer season – from July-September. The quarters vary in size but are on average are 200 lbs.(+/-) per quarter. The meat hangs for a minimum of 21 days. This is some of the best beef anywhere!

Happy Customers

“This is our second season ordering from Frost & Wood Farm and we could not be more pleased! We love knowing it is locally raised, grass-fed beef, and it is always so tender and lean. We will be customers for a long time to come!”

Jen & Jess – Ottawa, ON

“I am pleased with the meat That I purchased from the Routhiers. It’s very important to know where your meat comes from. It’s been a long time since I’ve had meat that tender.”

Ryan – Denvegan, ON

“Having been a ‘Big Green Egg’ smoker for a year now, I have been smoking everything I can think of. I have so far made the burgers and the Filet Mignon which came out so nice that I can honestly say this was the best beef I have ever had. Thanks again Don and Joanne for the great beef.”

Jean – Cornwall, ON

Coming in 2021… 

Workshops & Demonstrations!
Canning and preserving is a growing movement… a return to traditional values and sustainable living. There is nothing like being the first person to open a jar of homemade applesauce and spread it on a fresh slice of home-baked bread. Or how about enjoying the savoury pleasure of a sweet corn relish to accompany a juicy hamburger? Sounds mouth-watering doesn’t it? And healthy too!

At Frost & Farm we will be selling our preserves – canned fruits and vegetables (in season, in person) in our little store on site at the farm.  And great news!! Coming in the summer of 2021 as well, we will be offering demonstrations and workshops on ‘how-to’ can and preserve your own fruits and vegetables. Learn how to stock your cupboards with quality, nutritious food. Your family will thank you!

Their Story

Don and Joanne Routhier are modern day homesteaders and farmers. Don was born and raised on this 4th generation farm which goes all the way back to 1878. The farm is home to a special breed of cattle – Speckle Park Beef – as well as horses, pigs and chickens. A close-knit couple, Don and Joanne work hard as they pour their heart and soul into their land, their animals and the food they grow in their gardens. It is their passion for this way of life that inspires this down-to-earth couple to share it with others. 

Don and Joanne come by their love of country living naturally. 

Don grew up on the Frost & Wood Farm which has been in his family since 1857. It’s in his blood and it’s where he learned about a work ethic that we don’t often see in the world today. Growing up surrounded by farm equipment and heavy machinery, Don developed a passion and the skills for understanding farm equipment inside and out, which is what he translated into a successful business.

Joanne was raised on a farm from the age of four and has deeply-rooted, fond memories of the life she lived with her first great teachers – her parents. Making things from scratch, canning, cooking, growing and tending a big garden, caring for the farm animals – all developed Joanne into the woman she is today, a woman with a ‘homesteader’s heart’!  Add to this her long standing love and appreciation for horses, Joanne is a modern-day rural woman.

Joanne delivers her Equine Guided Programs at Frost & Wood Farm where Don also operates his business D & A Tractor Sales. The farming couple each live and showcase their passions in their individual ways – as they share their love of providing to others on their land. 

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