Hello people on this lovely Friday starting a new month. I share with you the cover of the month of MAY of my 2020 calendar I created and it speaks to me so deep.

as the beginning of a new month is also the beginning of new creations and it doesn’t matter what it is…. in the moment of stillness as you reflect and if your intentions are set on creating something new… it will come. ?

God does speak to me in my new creations.
During this downtime I have reflected quite a bit and I am happy to say that I am gifted with God’s creation as we all are as he has gifted to ALL as we are ONE. All we have to do is take a moment and it comes, we were created with love because we are ? Love and we are a child of God.

We hold infinite possibilities at her fingertips. Take time to reflect and listen with your HEART ❤️ and SOUL ?
happy Friday y’all have a great weekend as we are in for some heat and some sunshine ☀️ so welcoming. ~KEEP THE FAITH~ ??❤️??