Photo Sessions

Photo Sessions

Change often happens in a moment; and these moments can be captured through the camera lens. Having profound experiences that touch into our souls leaves its effect on our outer being – we can visibly see the change in our faces, posture and body language. 

Let Joanne capture the moments after your Equine Guided session so you can carry the feelings and memories forward with you into the future. 


Joanne’s Thoughts on Photography

I have had a camera attached to my hand since I can remember which is a reflection of my being… inner and outer. I love CAPTURING my emotions through lenses, seeing my inner world in a tangible way. My camera is my SOUL speaking and seeing and sharing captured emotions. Its messages create a CAPTURED MEMORY that will live on forever.

As a client you have this opportunity to glow and bask in your moment of glory which is so rewarding in the HEALING process. It celebrates all the hard work and the commitment to yourself. Having a tangible hand-held memory helps you to CONNECT over and over again with your experience. It’s a celebration of how far you have come and it capture the emotions and experience of YOUR LIFE changing.

My name is MaryAnn.  I arrived in Ottawa in October. I am from Nova Scotia.  I came here to stay with a very good friend Rachael because of a very high stress level, which made me very ill both mentally and physically.

Rachael told me about a spiritual lady she knew, Christie Flynn.  Rachael saw on her website a place to go where they do healing with horses and suggested I go and see if it could help. I watched a video of Christie and Joanne that explained how the healing journey worked.  While watching the video I instantly felt a connection with Joanne.  So I booked an appointment and drove to Alexandria by myself, which was very hard for me to do, it was an hour away and I didn’t know the area at all, and also was full of anxiety.  I forced myself to go and I am so happy I did.  Joanne and Christie and of course the horses worked with me, bringing me such a peaceful feeling, helping to release some very negative energy.  I instantly connected with one of the horses “Ellie” I felt like she was one with me and also felt the presence of my Ma who I lost to cancer.  She was not only my Mother but also my best friend in life.

When I left that day after the healing session, I was so very tired and have to say it was it was a rough drive home.  All that negative energy was drained from my body leaving me tired.  When I got home I slept for two hours.  When I awoken I felt like a new woman.  The feeling of peacefulness in my body and mind was truly amazing. 

I highly recommend that if you are feeling stressed and or have anxiety like myself to go visit Joanne at the farm and work with her and the horses.  You will feel an amazing sense of peace.

I’ve kept in touch with Joanne.  She did a beautiful photo shoot with me and Ellie.  I feel so blessed to have Joanne in my life.  She makes me feel safe and loved and is always a txt away if I need her. 
Love always”