Today as I reflect back to 2019 it brings back a lot of different emotions and my biggest one is about always being in a HURRY and running all the time from one thing to the next.

As you operate on the level as such you forget what it’s like to actually stop and pause and have a listen and look around and to notice the feel to what was going on inside.

As time went on I noticed I didn’t recognize who I was looking at who was reflected back in the mirror.

Trust in my words as my horses have shown me what being “absent to the self” really means and that you cannot keep going in this way even if you think you can.

I am still observing the truth of making sure to take time, as for me, my Soul spoke loud and clear and made me listen in a way I had no control but to listen to what was going on.

So yes I take the time and I catch myself when old habits surface and I know I am NEVER going back to that way of being.

Today I thank so many people and my horses to having found my true Soul’s calling with trueness and honoring to who I am and yes LOVE with gratitude