Today I speak in Vulnerability… Welcome Welcome Welcome to the all new…. ***SUNDAY SOUL SIRCLE*** This is sincerely my church (non-religion based) and I choose to share a weekly topic that has come from being with my horses and all the possibilities of healing that has, can and will surface for me personally. I am beyond thrilled to be sharing this with you all. xo
I use to think Vulnerability was being Powerless…. little did I know it was quite the opposite and the key was Freeing??? When I sat with my horses in my self-healing moment the tears started flowing just like that …. why??? I had healing that was needed as the awareness came forth on a subject that I had no idea I was hiding.
The horses allowed me to be myself because they don’t judge and are very welcoming in showing your truths and they prefer honesty vs incongruity. They show their Love ❤️ like no other.
This showed me my very own vulnerability which actually gave me such a feeling of awareness and healing of past hurt and admitting my wrongdoing, it was ready to show up because I was ready and let me tell you, my friends, I’m beyond blessed to have my horses to show me and guide me in my own evolving of my life’s journey.
I am lighter and freed and ready to continue the travelled road with pure bliss of empowerment and guidance from Spirit and my Horses ?
And yes I am super vulnerable as is Oreo in this photo, in writing this post but such growth in this new avenue I share with you all and I do hope that it does something for you as well my friends.

Happy Sunday and enjoy the gift that you truly are xoxo ?